Scholarship Information

Every year the Brodeur Foundation is proud to help students reach new heights in the educational journey by awarding scholarships in David’s name.

About Major David Brodeur

“Major David Brodeur was a class act, simply stated.  Not everyone had the opportunity to know Dave, or better yet, be a childhood friend and classmate of his.   I wish my children could have known him as a student and as an adult. With all the problems with the present generation in schools, his example of a leader, student, and citizen cannot be topped, even at a young age.  He cared for everyone. He wasn't concerned about image, or popularity, but stood for the "right" things in life. Anyone could talk to Dave, and he treated everyone the same way, with respect.  

David knew what he wanted to do with his life as a child. Simply put, he wanted to fly planes. As you tell through accomplishments, he excelled as one of the most elite fighter pilots the United States Air Force. 

David died trying to make a difference. He died for his Country, his Community and for every student walking the halls of Auburn High School. The same halls he graced and made so much of a difference in 20 years ago.
I went to school with hundreds of kids, and have worked over the years with hundreds of people, and not one of those people compare to the image of David Brodeur.”

…excerpts from a Blog in March 2012, author unknown

Any students who would like to apply for a scholarship from the foundation can download a PDF version of the application below, scan the completed version and email it to email address indicated in the PDF.

Application deadline is April 26, 2019.




Previous Scholarship recipients



Bridget White
4 year renewable scholarship @ $1000 per year


May Huynh


Rick Therrien


Matthew Tran




Andrea Bolduc


Elizabeth Anusaukas



Lily White


Emily Sarkisian


The Impact of our scholarships

Thanks to the support of our community in the 7 short years since the inception of the Major David Brodeur Foundation, the amount of yearly grant and scholarship money awarded has grown by an amazing 2,000%!


In Grants / Scholarships Awarded

Thirteen thousand dollars in 2018 alone!



Awarded to Auburn students for projects that have impacted hundreds of people in the community.



Awarded to Auburn High School graduates to help further their education.