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About Brodeur Memorial Plaza

To become a permanent part of this memorial and purchase an engraved brick  click for an online form  or  download a PDF here .

To become a permanent part of this memorial and purchase an engraved brick click for an online form or download a PDF here.

The purpose of the Brodeur Memorial Plaza is to provide a teaching opportunity to the students of Auburn High. It serves to inspire the students to achieve academic excellence, develop as leaders within the school as well as within their community and their country while using Major Brodeur, an Auburn High School Graduate, as a real life example.

Realizing his dream of becoming an USAF fighter pilot at an early age, Major Broduer began to gain as many of life’s different experiences as possible to help him prepare to make this dream a reality. While in high school he played soccer and was an accomplished track and field athlete who won Southern Worcester County League and District Class B individual championships. He served as Treasurer and President of the Student Council and was a member of the National Honor Society; represented Auburn High at the Annual Student Government Day Program sponsored by the Massachusetts State Legislature and received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his service to Auburn High and the Town of Auburn.

After graduating from the USAF Academy with a degree in Political Science Major Brodeur earned a Master of Business Administration and Management from Touro University and had completed Air Command Staff College. Major Brodeur graduated from pilot training at Columbus AFB in Columbus, Mississippi in April 2001 and F-16 Fighter training from Luke AFB in Arizona. Major Brodeur was an experienced F-16 pilot with deployments to Iraq where he flew combat missions during the initial days and months of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Among his commendations and awards are the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, and Combat Action Medal.

In addition to his achievements during his time at Auburn High School , the USAF Academy and while serving in the USAF; Major Brodeur continues to be recognized for his leadership and service after his death. Major Brodeur was recently elected the USAF Academy class exemplar for the class of 2016. Major Brodeur shares some impressive company with previous USAF Academy class exemplars which include: Gen. James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, Capt. Lance P. Sijan, Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, Gen. Carl Spaatz and The Wright Brothers.


From the USAF Academy website:
“The Cadet Exemplar Program is an avenue for each Academy class to honor and identify with a past military giant, alive or dead. It is designed to link our nation’s rich heritage with our boundless future. As such, the heroes who are chosen epitomize the personal characteristics that each class of cadets seeks to emulate.

The goal of the Cadet Exemplar Program is to build officers with a strong foundation in our nation’s and our military’s heritage in order to advance into the future as a united aerospace force.

The selected class exemplar not only becomes the cadets’ honorary class leader, but also the very namesake and identity of that particular class. Throughout the cadets’ career, the Exemplar becomes the focal point of inspiration for the cadets as they prepare for their roles as Air Force officers and future leaders.

In short, the Cadet Exemplar Program strives to form unbreakable unity between past leaders and today’s future leaders so that the critical values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do will continue to prosper at the Air Force Academy and in the nation as a whole.”

We are proud knowing that this memorial plaza will serve to inspire and remind people of what an outstanding person David was and what people can accomplish when they work to make their dreams become reality.


To become a permanent part of this memorial and purchase an engraved brick click for an online form or download a PDF here.